The opportunity

  • The value chain is no longer a linear process
  • Cross-sectoral collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship increasingly reconfigure industrial value chains
  • Value chains in the 4.0 Industry are more collaborative than ever
  • Collaboration among tech companies is not enough.
    Identification of convenient business models is a necessity

The problem

  • Scattered knowledge and untapped capacities of technological markets
  • Traditional value chains are not agile and flexible enough to satisfy the rapid market growth
  • Differentiation of new products and services from the competition is challenged by the global economy and the massive use of ICT

What is SMEBOOK?

A business-intelligence based platform providing tech companies with tailored recommendations to find best partners and interplay with supporting entities

SMEBOOK workflow



The client signs up for a free user account
(multiple users per organization are allowed)
The platform is aimed at both tech companies and supporting entities

Personalise your profile

The user provides additional company's information
For instance, related to current product lines and the envisaged market

Automatic partner search

The user performs a query for compatible partners
This is accomplished by our home-made classification algorithm combined with machine learning techniques

Supporting services

The platform brings together other entities that may support tech companies to enhance their business potential
Clusters, RTDs, associations, academia, financial entities, policy makers, consultancy firms

SMEBOOK intends to help tech companies tap into new business opportunities as well as to foster the development of high-value technologies


SMEBOOK leverages the innovation capacity of tech companies by providing:

  • Pool of knowledge emerging from all registered enterprises
  • Recommendation of tailored partners based on the characteristics of registered companies

SMEBOOK fosters “open innovation” by bringing tech enterprises together with supporting entities:

  • Clusters / Associations
  • Academia / Research organisations
  • Policy makers
  • Financial sector
  • Consultancy firms

SMEBOOK is a digital innovation accelerator that boosts the technological industry at the global level

SMEBOOK is supported by avant-garde computing technologies


Project begins

SMEBOOK project is granted with funding from the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness (project ref. AEI-010500-2017-291) through a competitive AEI call aimed at the development of solutions to help companies adapt to 4.0 Industry.
Ministerio de Economia, Industria y Competitividad
Jun 2017

Beta version

Beta version of SMEBOOK is the result of a successful research project finalised in March 2018. The custom-made partner recommendation algorithm is also the result of such a project whereby a parametric model has been conceived and developed from the ground up.
Mar 2018

Online presentation

As of July 2018, companies are able to join the SMEBOOK project. Joiners will be notified with news and further steps.
July 2018

ACTTiVAte project

ACTTiVAte consortium (H2020 running project focused on fostering cross-border and cross-sectoral innovation among EU technology-based SMEs) makes the decision to use the SMEBOOK by partners, related SMEs and stakeholders as one of the key drivers for the project's sustainability (see post in news).
September 2018

CDTI funding

SMEBOOK project is granted by The Spanish Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) on behalf of The Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities of Spain (ref. IDI-20180896). The project aims to complete the platform development phase.
Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI)
November 2018

Platform launch

The SMEBOOK goes live.
March 2019

SMEBOOK aims to respond efficiently to the market changes through a high resilient structure

Plans & Pricing


  • 3 outbound connection requests
  • Unlimited inbound connection requests


€68 monthly
  • 30 outbound connection requests
  • 15 communication threads started
  • Prominent image
  • 15 queries to the Partneship maker
  • 5 posts of tech offers/requests
  • 5 posts of service offers/requests
  • Tailored automatic notifications

Bring 5 companies to get Premium for FREE

Premium Gold

€99 monthly
  • Unlimited outbound connection requests
  • Unlimited communication threads started
  • Leading image
  • 30 queries to the Partneship maker
  • Unlimited posts of tech offers/requests
  • Unlimited posts of service offers/requests
  • Tailored automatic notifications

SMEBOOK maps value chains and compiles information on tech companies to make the matching between the most suitable partners