We are a one-stop shop where technology-based companies and their employees can intelligently connect, communicate and exchange resources and information.

The problem

  • Scattered knowledge and untapped capacities of technological markets
  • The value chain is no longer a linear process
  • The cost of innovation

The solution

SMEBOOK is reinventing the management of tech companies’ assets by providing a matchmaking algorithm capable of recommending partnerships according to needs and interests.

SMEBOOK workflow



The client signs up for a free company account
During registration, the client should provide a description of the company as well as other requested information

Personalise your profile

The user provides additional company’s information such as current product lines and envisaged market
Everytime that the user logs in, the platform will ask him/her questions on a wide range of topics, which will serve to keep an updated company characterisation over time

Automatic partner search

The user performs a query to the Partnership Maker to find best-fit partners
This is accomplished by a home-made classification algorithm combined with machine learning techniques

Innovation services

The SMEBOOK brings together innovation enablers that may support tech companies to enhance their business potential
Clusters, Innovation Hubs, intermediary Associations, Academia, RTDs, Policy-Makers, Financial players and Consultancy firms

SMEBOOK intends to help tech companies tap into new business opportunities as well as to foster the development of high-value technologies


SMEBOOK leverages the innovation capacity of tech companies by providing:

  • Pool of knowledge emerging from all registered enterprises
  • Recommendation of tailored partners based on the characteristics of registered companies

SMEBOOK fosters “open innovation” by bringing tech enterprises together with supporting entities:

  • Clusters / Associations / Innovation Hubs
  • Academia / Research organisations
  • Policy makers
  • Financial sector
  • Consultancy firms

SMEBOOK is a digital innovation accelerator that boosts the technological industry at the global level

SMEBOOK is supported by avant-garde computing technologies


Project begins

SMEBOOK project is granted by The Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness (project ref. AEI-010500-2017-291) through a competitive Open Call. It will finance the first stage of the SMEBOOK development.
Ministerio de Economia, Industria y Competitividad
Jun 2017

CDTI funding

SMEBOOK project is granted by The Spanish Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) on behalf of The Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities of Spain (ref. IDI-20180896). The project aims to complete the platform development phase.
Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI)
July 2018

ACTTiVAte project

ACTTiVAte consortium (H2020 project intended to foster cross-sectoral and cross-border innovation among EU technology-based SMEs), upon approval from the European Commision, makes the decision to use the SMEBOOK as the key driver for the project’s sustainability (click on the link below for further information).
October 2018

Platform launch

The SMEBOOK goes live.
April 2019

   Partnership Maker

The Partnership Maker, an automatic tool capable of nominating potential best-fit partners, is made available to all Premium users.
Partnership Maker - Q4i
November 2019

SMEBOOK aims to respond efficiently to the market changes through a high resilient structure


Plans & Pricing


  • 1 query to Partnership Maker Tech
  • 3 outbound connection requests
  • Unlimited inbound connection requests
  • 1 communication thread started
  • Eligibility to appear on Partnership Maker Tech
  • 1 posts of offers/requests
  • SMEBOOK Rooms videoconference system BETA


€68 / mo*
25% off yearly subscription*: €612
  • Weekly query to Partnership Maker Tech
  • 10 outbound connection requests
  • Unlimited inbound connection requests
  • Unlimited communication threads started
  • Eligibility to appear on Partnership Maker Tech Supporting
  • 5 posts of offers/requests
  • Automatic email notifications of offers & requests Tech Cluster Innovation Hub Academia
  • SMEBOOK Rooms videoconference system BETA

Note: All limits renewed monthly

Bring 5 companies in to get Premium for FREE

Premium Gold

€99 / mo*
25% off yearly subscription*: €891
  • Daily query to Partnership Maker Tech
  • Unlimited outbound connection requests
  • Unlimited inbound connection requests
  • Unlimited communication threads started
  • Eligibility to appear on Partnership Maker Tech Supporting
  • Unlimited posts of offers/requests
  • Dashboard with notified offers/requests Tech Cluster Innovation Hub Academia
  • Prominent image on home grid
  • SMEBOOK Rooms videoconference system BETA

Tech Sell tech or tech services as a key part of their business

Supporting Work with/for tech companies along and across industry and sector-specific value chains facilitating the innovation process

*Taxes excluded

Partnership Maker

What is and how it works?

The SMEBOOK Partnership Maker represents a breakthrough in the precise characterization of companies’ assets by means of Artificial Intelligence. It is supported by a matching algorithm, developed all in-house and from the ground up, which is capable of nominating potential best-fit partners from among the pool of registered companies.

Making a query to the Partnership Maker returns a list of recommended candidates, based on several affinities and on-the-go computation of internal scores, all in a split second. Besides, these results are not static; SMEBOOK evolves over time by tapping into the prediction power of machine learning techniques.

What does it show?

Partnership Maker - Q4i

Partnership Maker results are displayed in the form of a customised ranking of recommended potential partners for each organisation making a query. The list is supported by dedicated Spider diagrams which provide the level of compatibility between companies, based on five specific criteria which are shown in their respective axis:

  • Geographic proximity (GP)

    The need for prioritizing local cooperation and supply chains is of paramount importance to strengthen regional development on the one hand and to reduce environmental footprint on the other. Underpinned by GIS, SMEBOOK fosters collaborations which allows for rapid (re)-configurations of local production capacities, thus having an impact on the environmental footprint, while, at the same time, allowing to respond dynamically to competing global economies.

  • Profile accuracy (PA)

    Through NLP techniques, SMEBOOK analyses the quality and accuracy of all companies’ profiles according to different parameters in order to identify the most appropriate ones for each particular case.

  • Tech matching (TM)

    SMEBOOK allows onboarded companies to provide an as extended as desired description of activities, products or services in order to further encourage potential direct collaborations. It is worth mentioning that SMEBOOK counts on a built-in comprehensive mapping of technological sectors, segmented into technological lines and all the way down to more than a thousand of specific technologies and applications, so that companies can very precise within the self characterisation process.

    In addition, the parametrisation of companies’ assets is not a static process but an ever-evolving operation; SMEBOOK model is continuously fed by asking companies for info updates which are collected through a non-intrusive living questionnaire tool. In doing so, the SMEBOOK is capable of improving more and more on recommendations.

  • Collaboration proposals (CP)

    Tech companies have the opportunity to publish tech offers and tech requests as per their particular needs. In addition, users are allowed to classify their posts making use of the SMEBOOK built-in technology mapping. The information provided is used by the SMEBOOK to score collaboration potential among organisations by taking into account a wide range of parameters.

    It should be highlighted that also supporting entities can publish offers and demands, in this case related to innovation services which could be of interest to tech companies. That way, any kind of organisation getting involved in the SMEBOOK ecosystem can make use of the platform as a one-stop shop technology marketplace.

  • Organisation engagement (OE)

    When talking about matchmaking processes, the willingness to engage with others is a key factor. For this reason, the SMEBOOK measures companies performance level in terms of activity within the platform.

Usage recommendations

In order for your company to receive better and better recommendations, you should proceed as follows:

  • Provide as accurate as possible information to the SMEBOOK by filling in all the fields available within your settings,
  • Keep your company’s profile updated as your interests change and respond to questions made on a regular basis,
  • Be proactive connecting with others and posting offers and requests as needed, instead of waiting for something to happen being a reactive user,
  • After receiving a proposed ranking, please strong make use of the feedback tool so that the SMEBOOK can know what is going on with your company and improve recommendations accordingly.

SMEBOOK maps value chains and compiles information on tech companies to make the matching between the most suitable partners