What is a SMEBOOK user?

A person (e.g. an employee) authorised to register a company on the SMEBOOK (“organisation owner”) or a person invited by the “organisation owner” to sign up as an “organisation user” representing a department or specific area/unit within the organisation.

What does the multi-user feature consist of?

SMEBOOK is adapted to the fact that an organisation represents a business with multiple people who may need access. It can be unpleasant, to say nothing of a security risk, forcing multiple people to share an account. SMEBOOK solves this by linking several users to the same organisation profile separating individual identity and authorisation from other members. This allows for having multiple users within the same organisation such us company departments or units, technological areas, research groups, etc. SMEBOOK’s registration backend provides the organisation owner (the one who register the company on the platform) with a way to invite other users for them to register on the same organisation. Even though there will be certain organisation’s information shared by all users and manage by the organisation’s owner, each user can independently upload its own department information as well as connect with other users in the platform.

How to register a new user within the same organisation?

In order to register a new user within the same organisation, he/she should contact the “organisation owner” for him/her to add him/her as an “organisation user”. To do so, it is strongly recommended that the “organisation owner” informs other employees in the company (e.g. Human Resources department) when registering the organisation on the SMEBOOK.

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