Why is personalised medicine important?

by SMEBOOK (admin) · December 13, 2020

Personalised medicine has the potential to transform the current healthcare for good. Below are the reasons personalised medicine is considered to be a great discovery in the field of medicine:

  1. Precise and Targeted Treatment: Personalised medicine has made a way up from the "one size fits for all" approach offering more personal treatment to patients.
  2. Effective Drugs: Personalised approach to healthcare has also improved the quality and efficacy of drugs.
  3. Faster Drug Trials: With personalised approach, it is easy to find the best individual match to conduct drug trials.
  4. Less Risky Trials: Since the drugs are tailored to suit a particular set of individuals based on their genome, drug trials now have less risk involved.
  5. Treatment of Deadly Diseases: Many genetically transmitted diseases like Alzheimer and cancers have found their treatment in personalised medicine.

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Why is personalised medicine important?

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