Limitations of Marketing Automation

by SMEBOOK (admin) · October 8, 2020

Though marketing automation presents numerous advantages to the marketing efforts of the company, still the opportunities it offers are nit exploited to the fullest due to certain limitations it has. To mention:

  1. Costs Involved: To implement a marketing automation strategy, it is important to purchase a comprehensive marketing automation software which involves a significant cost and with proper training and support the cost may go above the affordable limits. However, many SaaS based companies have come up with low cost solutions to help companies implement their marketing strategies with lower investments.
  2. Lack of proper training and support: The marketing automation tools require proper understanding of the software which may otherwise lead to a lot of confusion and failed efforts. A lot of focus is needed inline to comprehensive training along with round the clock support.
  3. Faulty marketing campaigns: Marketing Automation works on the information we feed into the system. Wrongly accessed target segments, unappealing content strategy, and loopholes in regular email follow ups may lead to a failed marketing attempt.
  4. The use of reports: Analytics and reporting is one of the most attractive feature of marketing automation which needs to be exploited in order to devise the future marketing strategy. Marketers often fail to understand and use these reports effectively.
  5. Low morale of marketing team: Failed marketing campaigns can be really frustrating and may lead to a highly demotivated marketing team.

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Limitations of Marketing Automation

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