Future trends in M-Commerce technology

by SMEBOOK (admin) · November 4, 2020

It is worth highlighting the following features:

  • Chatbots and conversational AI: M-Commerce has been revolutionised with the introduction of virtual customer agents chatbots. Chatbots have made it possible to provide a 24X7 service to the customers with great ease.
  • Social Commerce: With the growing impact of social media, social commerce is opened an entire new market to capture customers and conduct sales over social media sites.
  • Augmented Reality: M-Commerce businesses have started incorporating augmented reality technology which allows customers to visualise a product before making a purchase. E.g. Furniture stores provide the facility to visualise how a particular coach will look in their living room.
  • Touch Commerce: Ability to do faster payments just in a click or two by using finger print scan is the latest trend.
  • Mobile Wallets: Cumbersome payment system like cash on deliveries or through cards/ net banking etc. have slowly coming to a hault. Time is for mobile wallets and touch commerce.

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Future trends in M-Commerce technology

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