What are the applications of Genetic Engineering?

by SMEBOOK (admin) · October 7, 2020

Genetic Engineering is applied in various areas and is considered a great invention. Below are a few applications of Genetic Engineering:

  1. The medicine sector has found many vaccines and drugs for ailments by performing genetic Engineering. With Gene Therapy, many deadly diseases have potential cure.
  2. Agricultural sector is also benefited by genetic engineering application. Genetically modified crops are now cultivated that are superior in quality and quantity as compared to natural produce. Livestocks are also genetically modified to yield better quality of meat, milk composition, disease resistance and survival.
  3. Industrial sector: Genetic Engineering is also used in industries for producing active enzymes for soaps, fermented foods and other products.
  4. Research and studies: Genetic Engineering is a vast area of study with a lot of scope still untouched. Scientists worldwide are doing research and study of gene alteration and GMOs.

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What are the applications of Genetic Engineering?

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