The process of Climate change Innovation.

by SMEBOOK (admin) · July 29, 2021

The process of climate change innovation includes the involvement of the minds of scientists who are working every day to identify the climate change reactions and helping us to find solutions. There are a lot of harmful chemical and physical changes happening in our climate and to survive that humankind is developing technologies and ideas for the betterment. For example: due to excessive vehicle usage, the pollution level is increasing so much that the natural oxygen is unable to filter it. It is harming our health so to replace those harmful emissions like carbon monoxide, sulphur, hydroxide etc and to replace them with better renewable and non-toxic substances like coal, nitrogen, and few others.

The surge of global warming and heating of the earth is increasing so much because of the depleting atmospheric layer that the earth is getting heated every day with harmful UV rays. Innovations are building up technologies to fight this.

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The process of Climate change Innovation.

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