What are the four pillars of Smart Cities?

by SMEBOOK (admin) · October 8, 2020

The Smart city ecosystem across the globe are primarily based on four major pillars or elements namely:

  1. Connectivity: Round the clock network connectivity is a must in order to develop and sustain a Smart city. To achieve this, IOT enabled devices are installed across the city and constantly monitored.
  2. Smart transportation: An effective mobility is another key feature that a smart city must possess. Fastags, NFC-enabled universal travel accounts, e-hailing services, computer-aided transportation, and smart parking and very recent advancement of autonomous driving technology have enabled smart mobility a dream come true.
  3. Data Security: A smart city is primarily based on the user data collected through technology. And so, it is highly susceptible to be exposed to wrong means. It, hence becomes imperative to incorporate proper measures to prevent and control unauthorised use of public data.
  4. Public Engagement: A smart city must be built on the trust and confidence of the inhabitants.

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What are the four pillars of Smart Cities?

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