What are the applications of Nanomedicine?

by SMEBOOK (admin) · October 7, 2020

Nanomedicine has been a great invention in the field of medical science and has a huge scope in both therapeutics and diagnostic applications. A few applications of nanomedicine include:

  • Therapeutic: The presently prevailing drug system offers the challenges of systematic absorption which leads to toxicity to non-targeted tissues. Like for example, in cancer chemotherapy, cytostatic drugs act upon both infected and normal tissues alike leading to healthy tissue damage. Thus, a drug delivery strategy that selectively targets the tumor infected cells is essential. The use of nanomedicine can be used to avert this situation by targeted drug delivery to specific tissues. The drug delivery system through Nano particles allow a tissue or organ-specific targeting with therapeutic action.
  • Diagnostic: Nanomedicine has great scope in improving disease diagnostic and hence treatment. The current amplitude of microscopic examination can be enhanced significantly using Nanotools. It can help in reducing the sample volume but also reduces the amount of potentially expensive reagents used for performing the lab tests. One important applications of nanomedicine in diagnosis will be improved fluorescent markers.

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What are the applications of Nanomedicine?

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