How are Multiexperience apps helping business?

by SMEBOOK (admin) · October 29, 2020

Multiexperience apps have been quite successful in scaling businesses who have adopted this strategy. A multiexperience strategy supplements businesses growth in following ways:

  1. Taps customers across devices: Multiexperience apps provide a omnichannel experience tapping its customer base across various digital devices.
  2. Quick Development and market run: Unlike traditional native app development, multiexperience apps are developed to support various devices and touchpoints through a single app. Thus only one app needs to be developed and published for all.
  3. Improved sales: Customers can shop from the comfort of their homes across devices and modalities like smartphones, smart TVs, smart speakers, wearable devices, chatbots, website, mobile app etc. which leads to improved sales.
  4. Better customer service: The ease of app access has positively affected the customer service.
  5. Supports digital transformation

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How are Multiexperience apps helping business?

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