Features of M-Commerce Applications

by SMEBOOK (admin) · November 4, 2020

A successful M-Commerce application must entail below mentioned features:

  • Personalization: The app must take advantage of machine learning and big data to feed the user with solutions based on their preferences and buying behaviour.
  • Bug free: The app must perform smoothly and must be checked for potential bugs.
  • Compliment physical stores
  • Coupons and attractive discounts: This is a very unique and selling feature of m-commerce apps that these can be used to attract buyers with attractive offers and discounts.
  • Detailed product descriptions: Every product listing must be supplemented with a detailed description of the product.
  • Product images: Images are the only visual mode that inculcates a sense of trust in customers. Images must be of high quality and matching to the product description.
  • Customer service: An efficient customer care team both virtual agents like chatbots or human agents must be in place for any customer assistance.
  • Fast and secure checkout: The checkout experience must be hassle free and quick.

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Features of M-Commerce Applications

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