Advantages of M-Commerce

by SMEBOOK (admin) · November 4, 2020

The main advantages of M-Commerce are the following:

  • Easy and convenient: It allows users to transact right from their mobile devices eliminating the need to sit on their laptops or visit a physical store. Hence convenient.
  • Wide reach: Mobile commerce enables people to buy and sell goods or services from almost anywhere, simply using a mobile phone or tablet device in their pockets.
  • Marketing tool: With M-Commerce, businesses can leverage from the wider customer reach and target customers according to their location, service provider, the type of device they use and various other criteria. This can be a good marketing tool.
  • Lowers the cost: M-Commerce reduces costs for both the users and the businesses. Low transaction cost, extremely low handling cost and low order processing cost all adds to M-commerce becoming so popular.

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Advantages of M-Commerce

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