How is Genetic Engineering achieved?

by SMEBOOK (admin) · October 7, 2020

The process of Genetic Engineering involves a five step process:

  1. Organism's DNA Extraction. In the very first step a sample is taken from the organism containing its DNA. Steps are then carried out to obtain DNA from the sample.
  2. Gene Cloning: From the extracted DNA, the specific gene of interest is then obtained and cloned to multiple copies.
  3. Gene Design: The Extracted gene is then restructured and modified with the help of enzymes.
  4. Transformation: The modified gene is now introduced in some of the cells of host organism using methods like gene gun, agrobacterium, microfibers, and electroporation.
  5. Backcross Breeding: The genetically transformed host is now crossed with a different line of organism usually elite in order to produce modified off springs which are then repeatedly back crossed to achieve the desired results.

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How is Genetic Engineering achieved?

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