What is the future of Flexible Electronics?

by SMEBOOK (admin) · February 3, 2021

Flexible electronics possess unprecedented efficacy and flexibility which has made them an integral component of countless technological and other sectors. With so many avenues already incorporating flexible electronics, it’s only a matter of time before these sectors also use them:

  • Industrial: Auto-Manufacturers will flexible electronics to accelerate production.
  • Medical: Electronic skin, UV radiation tracking patch and flex circuit in contact lenses.
  • Smart Technology Developing: Smart appliances and devices such as smart fridges, speakers, watches and thermostat require flexible electronics to evolve further.
  • Biometric Research and Tech Professionals: Another essential area where flexible electronics have thrived is in the field of biometrics. As biometric technology frequently relies on fingerprint scanning to authenticate a user, flexible sensor arrays are indispensable to Biometric professionals and researchers.

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What is the future of Flexible Electronics?

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