Does Flexible Electronics provide benefits to the customer?

by SMEBOOK (admin) · January 30, 2021

Flexible electronics have been around for decades and their benefits vindicate their ubiquitous integration. These benefits include:

  • Portability: Most conventional electronics are glass based and are composed of rigid and fragile components which make them a liability. Advances in organic thin film transistors allow consumer products to be significantly thinner and lighter. This change in design results in everyday tasks becoming easier.

  • Personalization: Aside from portability, flexible electronics also provide users with highly personalized experiences. With flexible sensors, systems and displays, consumers get access to a plethora of device-generated data. This information empowers consumers to monitor their health and socialise with friends across various platforms.

  • Versatility: Owing to their versatility and multifaceted nature, flexible electronics are applied in various sectors, such as robotics, automotive, aerospace, health and many others.

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Does Flexible Electronics provide benefits to the customer?

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