How is extended reality helping real estate?

by SMEBOOK (admin) · December 13, 2020

Extended reality technology has a huge potential in the real estate industry. Below are the ways ER has been helping real estate businesses:

  1. Virtual Property Tours: With the use of VR based apps, real estate agents can offer a virtual 3D tour of the property and help customers virtually visit the property without leaving their homes.
  2. Virtual Staging: This helps in providing an applealing virtual demo of the property with virtual assets (furniture/fittings etc.)
  3. Architectural Visualization: ER techniques can also be applied to give the customers and exterior and interior architectural overview of the property.
  4. Global Customer Reach: With ER apps, global customers can have a virtual tour of the property and make purchase decisions. Thus, expanding the customer base globally.
  5. Time and Money Saving: Real Estate owners can cut a lot of cost and time which was otherwise unavoidable in traditional real estate marketing.

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How is extended reality helping real estate?

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