Types of drones

by SMEBOOK (admin) · December 13, 2020

Drones are categorized into four types based on aerial platforms:

  1. Multi Rotor Drones: These are the most common types of drones which are used by professionals. Common applications include aerial photography and aerial video surveillance. Multi rotors can further be classified into different categories based on the number of rotors.
  2. Fixed Wing Drones: Fixed wing Drones consists of a wing just like a regular airplane out there. They move forward as set by the guide control.
  3. Single Rotor Helicopter: Single Rotor Helicopter look very similar in structure and design to authentic helicopters. It has just one large rotor and a small sized one on the tail of the drone.
  4. Fixed Wing Hybrid VTOL: These are hybrid versions integrating the benefits of fixed wing models with that of rotor based models.

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Types of drones

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