Cloud technology benefits

by SMEBOOK (admin) · May 15, 2020

Cloud technology offers several benefits, few of them are:

  1. Better Data management: With cloud data management becomes very easy. Data can be stored and accessed easily through internet.
  2. Cost friendly: Cloud storage can be purchased at a very nominal cost which was never a case with buying and maintaining expensive physical servers.
  3. Scalability: Pay as you go feature is offered by most of the cloud service providers which enable users to purchase cloud space according to their needs and later on expand their plan as and when their requirement increases.
  4. Speed: Data management on cloud is faster compared to physical storage
  5. Round the clock access: Data stored in the cloud can be accessed at any hour of the day and from anywhere
  6. Global accessibility: Data on the cloud can be accesses from any region of the world, the only requirement being availability of internet.

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Cloud technology benefits

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