What are the limitations of chatbot technology?

by SMEBOOK (admin) · October 28, 2020

Chatbots are for sure a game changing innovation in the field of online business. But they are still to overcome certain limitations in order to create the best impact. To mention a few:

  1. Give pre-programmed responses: Chatbots only respond based on keywords that are fed to them. This sometimes leads to an out of context conversation.
  2. Lack of decision making: Bots may sometimes harm a business’s online presence due to inappropriate responses. One may curse their negative decision-making skills.
  3. Installation and maintenance: Bots either developed in-house or outsourced need skills as well as resources for installation and maintenance and monitoring.
  4. Repeated responses: Chatbots only respond based on what they have learned during training or whatever is fed into them. This leads to repeated responses for similar types of queries which may frustrate customers.
  5. Lack of feelings: Bots fail to connect with the users due to lack of emotions. This impacts customer retention.

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What are the limitations of chatbot technology?

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