Applications of Biometrics

by SMEBOOK (admin) · October 29, 2020

The various applications of Biometrics include:

  1. Public Security: Biometrics are linked to individuals identity proofs like Aadhar card to authenticate their citizenship. Biometric authentications are also exclusively used by security authorities during immigrations at airports etc.
  2. In Private and Public Offices: Majority of the private and public office are now equipped with biometric devices to record employees time, attendance and also to authenticate their access in office premises.
  3. In Law and Enforcement: Biometrics like finger print, DNA samples, etc. have been a reliable source of identification and information for the law and enforcement teams in criminal investigations.
  4. Access Authentication: Biometrics are employed in places like high security buildings/ banks and other financial institutions/ hospitals restricted areas, etc. to restrict unauthorized access. There is an increasing trends of biometric equipped homes.
  5. Single Sign On: Most of the smartphones, wearables and other smart devices are equipped with biometric scanners for sign in and other operations.

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Applications of Biometrics

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