Learn about Biometrics

What are Biometrics? Biometrics are the biological identifiers … Oct. 29, 2020
What are Biometrics?
How Biometrics work? A biometric device/system works on … Oct. 29, 2020
How Biometrics work?
Why are Biometrics used? Biometrics is the use of … Oct. 29, 2020
Why are Biometrics used?
Types of Biometrics There are six main types … Oct. 29, 2020
Types of Biometrics
Benefits of Biometrics Below, there is a list … Oct. 29, 2020
Benefits of Biometrics
Disadvantages of Biometrics Below, there are the main … Oct. 29, 2020
Disadvantages of Biometrics
What are Biometric devices? Biometric devices are designed specifically … Oct. 29, 2020
What are Biometric devices?
Components of Biometrics Devices A biometric system is composed … Oct. 29, 2020
Components of Biometrics Devices
Can Biometrics be misused? Although Biometric technology is considered … Oct. 29, 2020
Can Biometrics be misused?
Applications of Biometrics The various applications of Biometrics … Oct. 29, 2020
Applications of Biometrics