What big data can do?

by SMEBOOK (admin) · April 13, 2020

Big data when accurately processed and analysed can be put to various practical uses on individual and business front. Some practical capabilities of big data include:

  • Improved GPS tracking: With big data, it is now possible to gather real-time data about traffic and weather conditions and define alternate routes for transportation. This application has been a great assistance to the logistics and transport industry.
  • Improved healthcare: With big data, hospitals can offer high level patient care and continuous monitoring. Also, big data researches have contributed in the invention of new drugs and improvement of the existing pharmaceuticals.
  • Improved Banking operations: Banking and finance sector is using big data to predict and prevent cyber crimes, card fraud detection, archival of audit trails, etc.
  • Better Advertising: Big data analytics can help businesses project personalised ads according to users search behaviour and thus improve the customer experience.

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What big data can do?

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